5 Freaking Hilarious Beach Towels You Need This Summer

There's always room for sarcasm. Especially at the beach.


There’s never an inappropriate time for sarcasm. Well, maybe there is, but the beach definitely is not one of them. What’s better than a large beach towel to lie on in the sand during a day in the sun? A large beach towel with a sarcastic remark. These towels are the perfect size for the beach - 74” x 37” - you’ll find you have plenty of room without getting sand on your towel. The cotton terry back makes these towels easy to dry. You’ll find these towels on Society6, a platform for international artists to upload and sell their work on a variety of merchandise, like these beach towels, as well as iPhone cases, shower curtains, and more. All of these beach towels are created by the same artist, CreativeAngel, who focuses on illustration and has been a member of Society6 since 2013.

1. K, BYE OK BYE K BYE KBYE Beach Towel

Why We Picked It Sometimes it’s simply time to say bye. Ok?

2. I Don’t Spew Profanities I Enunciate Them Clearly Like a Fucking Lady (Ultra Violet) Beach Towel

Why We Picked It Of course. Why would you think otherwise?

3. Underestimate Me That’ll Be Fun (Black) Beach Towel

Why We Picked It This one is best along side of, “K, bye.” K, BYE OK BYE K BYE KBYE. Perhaps bring a friend along?

4. Sometimes I Wish I Was an Octopus So I Could Slap 8 People at Once Beach Towel

Why We Picked It For those moments when everyone around you is unbearably annoying.

5. Surely Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting Beach Towel