This Charging Cable Prolongs a Phone's Battery Life

Charge your phone better, faster, and less often


The Details:

  • Charges faster than standard cables
  • Features a built-in charge booster while using your laptop
  • Stops charging automatically

Why You Want It:

Phones are fickle. Their batteries seem to last less and less long with each charge. Every wonder why? It’s because standard phone cables continue charging even when phones are fully charged, resulting in the battery wearing down. This advanced charging cable automatically stops charging when your phone is full, giving your battery a longer life. It also features quick charge technology so you don’t have to wait all day for a full charge.

The Deal:

The Charby Sense Charging Cable is normally $39 but the Inverse Shop has it discounted by 28% so you can get it for $28. That should have you fully charged.

Prices subject to change.