Ride Your Bike Indoors With This Handy Exercise Trainer

Bike indoors... without leaving marks everywhere.


The Details:

  • Exercise and train indoors using the bike you already own
  • Folds for easy travel and storage
  • Wide base design for a smooth, quiet ride

Why You Want It:

When you decide to get out the bike for a ride it’s always too hot, too cold, or too wet. Why does the weather hate us? Now you can bypass the elements and ride your bike right in your living room. This trainer uses the bike you already own and transforms it into an anytime, anywhere exercise machine. So go for a nice long ride without leaving the house.

The Deal:

The Bike Lane Trainer Indoor Exercise Machine sells for $181.99, but the Inverse Shop has it at a reduced price of $76.99 — a 57% discount.

Prices subject to change.