There's a Terrifying Twist at the End of 'Men in Black: International'

Let's talk spoilers.

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It wouldn’t be a Men in Black movie without a big, ugly monster, but the main villain in Men in Black: International isn’t the one you might think. The movie’s final scene, set in the observatory room of the Eiffel Tower, features a pretty big twist that you might not see coming.

Here’s what you need to know about the Men in Black: International ending. Just be warned: Major spoilers ahead right below these goofy-looking aliens.

'Men in Black: International'

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Still here? Cool. So, as you hopefully know already, the big twist at the end of Men in Black: International is that Liam Neeson’s character (London MIB boss Agent High T) is actually an alien in disguise. Specifically, he’s being controlled by the Hive, an evil alien race with Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes that takes control of its enemies from the inside.

It turns out that T’s been an alien for years. He was co-opted by the Hive during an earlier confrontation we see in Men in Black: International’s opening scene that’s abruptly cut short before the aliens actually show up. As we learn at the end, T actually became a part of the Hive and then used an neuralyzer to wipe his partner’s memory.

That partner of course, is Chris Hemsworth (Agent H), who’s seemed different ever since that fateful night — at least, that’s what everyone else keeps saying throughout the movie. The Hemsworth we’re presented with here is a sort of James Bond-esque party boy who’d rather get drunk with aliens than actually fight them (though he’s still got some impressive combat skills).

Men in Black: International does an impressive job of misdirecting audiences. We’re constantly reminded that Agent H seems different, which seems to suggest he’s the secret alien. It isn’t until the end of the movie when Hemsworth’s new partner (Agent M, played by Tessa Thompson) figures out that his memory was wiped that it all clicks into place.

Agent H can’t actually remember how he beat the Hive the first time. He just repeats some line about using his wits and a laser gun. Of course, that’s because the Hive was never actually defeated. They were just biding their time until the right moment to strike.

When Neeson does transform into a full-fledged alien it’s pretty disturbing — all tentacles and slim and CGI. Thankfully, Agent M and her new alien pal Pawnee (Kumail Nanjiani) are there to help. Together, the three of them are able to defeat the Hive once and for all — at least until they return in Men in Black: International 2.

Men in Black: International is in theaters now.