Does 'Child's Play' Have a Post-Credits Scene?

We talked to director Lars Klevberg about that chilling final moment.

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The new Child’s Play delivers a definitive ending to Mark Hamill’s “Chucky,” a renegade Buddi Doll whose security measures were left unlocked. Still, there is a little treat during the film’s credits that hints there’s more Buddi left to go around: A chilling, eerie rendition of “The Buddi Song,” written by composer Bear McCreary and performed by a haunting Mark Hamill.

While it’s not a “post-credits” scene like a Marvel movie, it’s still a chilling bonus for fans who stick around. In an interview with Inverse, director Lars Klevberg reveals how Hamill pulled off his rendition of “The Buddi Song.”

“It was such a blast,” Klevberg tells Inverse. “I just think it was so good from both Bear McCreary and Mark Hamill. I was blown away.”

Minor spoilers for Child’s Play ahead.

At the end of Child’s Play, 13-year-old Andy (Gabriel Bateman) and his widowed mother, Karen (Aubrey Plaza) finish off Chucky, a killer Buddi Doll whose security measures were switched off by a disgruntled factory employee in Vietnam. Although the film has a “happy” ending, the film’s credits contains Mark Hamill — the voice of Chucky — eerily sing a new rendition of “The Buddi Song,” a commercial jingle for the popular mascot of Kaslan Corp.

Klevberg says the song had been in the script since the very first draft of the movie, but was one of the last things to get sorted out just before shooting. “It was in the script since the first draft,” Klevberg says, “But after we worked on it, we started shaping up the story and starting to prep for shooting it, ‘The Buddi Song’ took on a more important part.”

Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman star in 'Child's Play,' featuring the voice of Mark Hamill as "Chucky."

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Klevberg adds that the film opens with the Kaslan-approved “commercial” version in order to “have that payoff” for later, when Chucky sings it to Andy in the middle of the night. “It became a song that meant very much for everyone involved that tells the story of what will be the changing factor for Chucky at the end,” Klevberg says.

There was still a matter of writing and recording the song, however, which is heard in full during the film’s credits. Says Klevberg, “Bear McCreary came up with the tune and wrote lines and presented it, and I was blown away by how fast and good he did it.”

McCreary, whose work includes scores for TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, and video games like God of War, eventually presented the song to Mark Hamill. The famed Star Wars actor listened to the song on repeat for days before finally recording his performance.

“Mark was like, ‘Okay, I need to listen to this 20 times a day,’” says Klevberg. “He did that for a couple days, and back to the recording studio he did it.”

The director has nothing but praise for Hamill, who collaborated big time on the role of Chucky with Klevberg.

“He was just really on board. There’s no ‘star stuff,’ there’s no bad behavior. He’s just a really pleasant guy who shows up and works as best as he can. That’s everything I want from my cast and crew. He was just amazing, man.”

Child’s Play is in theaters now.

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