Share Your Love of STEM With These Super-Cool Handmade Learning Toys

This is the subscription service you've been waiting for

Monkey CoCo

You’ve probably heard of makeup subscription services, razor subscriptions, and services that deliver anything from clothes to candles to your door on a monthly basis. But the company Monkey CoCo is taking this service to another level.

When you subscribe to Monkey CoCo, you’ll get a STEM Toy kit delivered to your doorstep every month. You might be wondering what that means. The short answer is that it’s a toy kit that will make you want to go back to elementary school. But for a longer answer, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and this company puts together toys that will help kids engage in and learn these subjects in a way that’s hands-on and involves assembling a toy.

The toys are suitable for kids between ages 5 and 12 and they are surprisingly complex, interesting, and fun. In the past, their toys have revolved around topics like putting together a basic circuit, conservation of energy, and light reflection, electromagnetic induction, and more.

These toys are phenomenal for building hands-on learning skills for kids. Your kids, or your friend’s or family member’s kids, will develop hands on learning skills by putting together a functioning toy from scratch (with instructions). Not to mention creative thinking abilities and self confidence. Anyone who’s assembled a piece of furniture before knows that there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you finally put together a complex puzzle, made something work, or built something from many different pieces, and it’s perhaps one of the best gifts you could give to a child.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive two STEM toys every month. Each kit comes with all the components needed for assembling the challenge, as well as a knowledge card and a picture book. The knowledge card describes the concepts the toy uses, and the picture book is like an instruction manual. The one-month subscription costs $29.99, and if you get a 12 month plan, for year’s worth of STEM toys, it’s $19.99/month. They ship to the U.S. and also 32 countries internationally. You’ll get $9 off when you use the coupon code COCO9.