Welcome to the Pillow You'll Thank God You Have This Summer

It'll help reduce sweating and overheating at night

Brooklyn Bedding 

Have you ever tried a new pillow only to realize a few days later that it was either too firm or too soft? Finding a pillow that’s right for you is not an easy task, but since we use it for approximately eight hours everyday (hopefully), it’s pretty important to find one that works for you. Even if the 5 or 6 previous pillows didn’t work, or you’ve decided to combine to pillows that don’t give you enough support, only to find that the combination is equally uncomfortable. During the summer, the wrong pillow is even more frustrating, because everything feels too sticky, hot and uncomfortable.

You won’t have this problem with Brooklyn Bedding’s Luxury Cooling Pillow. Instead, you’ll find that the memory foam quickly conforms to the contour of your neck and shoulders, giving you a feeling of support without being too firm and stiff.

The Luxury Cooling Pillow also provides, as the name suggests, naturally cooling properties. The pillow has a cool gel surface infusion which helps circulate heat from your body, perfect for those who are prone to overheating at night or who simply prefer sleeping with a cooler temperature. It can also be a great solution for those who sweat at night as the cooling and absorption properties can help reduce it.

In addition to the gentle but firm support, the memory foam is also made from breathable materials to ensure that it remains airy and maintains it’s form beyond the first month. Do you know those pillows that somehow manage to turn into rocks after a while? You can be sure it won’t happen with this one.

There are a few different options to choose from to make sure you have the perfect fit. To start, you can choose either a King, which costs $149, or Queen size pillow, which costs $129. Depending on if you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper, you can choose either a high profile pillow or a low profile pillow, which are the same price. Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping and returns within 30 days.

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