5 Unique Items You Can Find at Huckberry

They'll solve the problems you didn't even know you had


Sometimes there’s an item that makes your whole life easier before you even realize it. It could be as simple as a portable charger. One minute you cannot get to your destination without having to stop in a coffee shop to charge your phone so that you can access the GPS, and the next minute you never have to charge your phone during the day again. You’ll find a list of unique items from Huckberry that are unique in ways you may not think you wanted, but will certainly make your day to day life easier, and, potentially, a little bit more fun.

1. AquaTech AxisGO - iPhone 7+

Why We Picked It: This waterproof iPhone case will not only seal proof your device from any liquids, and the harshest weather conditions, but will also allow you to capture underwater shots. You can shoot up to 33 feet underwater knowing your iPhone is protected with AquaTech’s seal.

2. Ridge Wallet Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

Why We Picked It: This aluminum wallet is the perfect way to keep your cards and cash stored in the most compact way possible. It expands based on the amount of cards you need to store, so will never be too bulky or too small.

3. This Is Ground: Stash 2 Magnetic Phone Wallet

Why We Picked It: This iPhone case combined with a wallet is the perfect combination of style and utility. It will keep your phone secure, while also providing enough space for your credit cards and cash. But the coolest thing about this wallet is that it’s magnetic, so will keep your phone in place, but also let you take it out easily when you need it.

4. Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip

Why We Picked It: Here’s a stylish way to keep your cash organized. These money clips are made from either pure copper, brass or sterling silver.

5. Nomad Micro USB NomadKey

Why We Picked It: Never leave your house again without a cable to charge your phone. You can use this MicroUSB key to connect with a USB port and charge your phone, and also to sync/transfer data between devices.