Tuft & Needle's Affordable Mattress Does Not Skimp on Quality or Comfort

Comfort should be accessible and affordable, Tuft & Needle gets that.

Unsplash / Yuris Alhumaydy

My mother always said that there were things you had to splurge on and bedding had to be one of them. We spend a third of our lives in bed—more if you’re frequently sick or in pain—and thus your bed shouldn’t be just any hand-me-down or discount from a sketchy outlet. But I get it. I get shy of big purchases. I put them off. I wonder where the money will come from and if it’s worth taking from my savings. I wonder what else I would forego in order to afford such a purchase and I end up not making said purchase until my hand is absolutely forced.

But that’s no way to make a big purchase. Big purchases are to be researched with great care. Big purchases are meant to be thoughtful and timely and accessible. And that’s a tall order. If you struggle with similar procrastination and big purchase anxiety, like I do, that’s when you turn to the internet for answers. And that’s where I step in to tell you there’s a mattress that won’t drive you to the poor house but also isn’t a 4-inch mattress from IKEA—only a step above what you slept on in your college dorm.

Tuft & Needleseeks to bring luxury comfort to your bedroom without forcing you to eat ramen for a month or navigating delivery options. At $750 for a king size mattress, Tuft & Needle shaves over $500 in costs when compared to other mattresses. They justify that by saying that they drop the hidden costs—like advertising, sales commisions, retail mark up and wholesalers’ profits—and reinvests in bringing you—the consumer—the utmost quality in materials.

Made in the USA, all Tuft & Needle mattresses are made with ultra-soft and breathable, 100% recyclable foam for that “just right” feeling, somewhere between soft and firm. Designed to be supportive for all sleep types, Tuft & Needle mattresses work for all body types and weights, distributing weight and pressure evenly for a relaxed night sleep that doesn’t transfer motion to a sleeping partner.

The vacuum packed mattress ships conveniently in a box from your regular parcel carrier and mattresses will return to normal size within 2-3 hours of unpacking. Don’t love it within 100 days? Tuft & Needle will pick up any unloved mattress free of charge.

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