Mr. Robot New York City Gif Hunt

Where in the world is Elliot? 

Mr. Robot is about to end its first season this week. One could speculate about what will happen in the final episode or one could try to retrace the steps of the show on a Saturday afternoon in gif form…

Obviously we did the latter.

I think Elliot lives somewhere around here, as this stoop and Dumpling shop have made numerous appearances in the show.

Maybe I should grab some food?

Nah, we gotta find Elliot.

Residence in the Lower East Side/Chinatown certainly means that Elliot is hopping on the train to get to his double life at either AllSafe or Coney Island.

Down we go!

I wonder if these people watch the show?

This is where Elliot met White Rose…but still no sign of him.

Okay let’s regroup, maybe Coney Island next???

Media via David Turner , David Turner