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5 Biohack Items Worth Buying On Amazon

You don't have to be a biologist to hack your own systems. Here's how to get started.

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Biohacking is a relatively new term that can mean everything from messing with your diet and lifestyle so you feel and look better to installing implants to hack your own hardware. We are not into that last one, which seems more suited to a dystopian novel than to Inverse. But we are down with anything that helps us function better, feel better, fit into our clothes with fewer regrets, and generally live life happier. We are all about the first one.

Okay, so yes. In that context, biohacking isn’t that much different than going on a diet. Except it is! Dieting limits the endeavor to food and weight loss. Biohacking is looking at our entire biology as a system we can improve through eating, drinking, sleeping, living, and exercising so we are better. Not thinner. Not “cut.” Better! Happier, healthier, more able to use our mind and body to do what we want to do.

Here are five things you can buy on Amazon to get started down your own personal biohacking journey.

Keto Diet: Your 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse Disease

Keto Diet: Your 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse DiseaseAmazon

The Keto — or ketogenic — diet is a popular biohack. The idea behind it is that by shifting your body from surviving on carbohydrates, you force it instead to burn fat. You do this by using up your reserves of carbs and feeding yourself fats instead. This puts you in a physiological state called Ketosis. Dr. Axe, the author of Keto Diet, writes extensively about biohacking for weight loss, better sleep, and all sort of other personal improvements, through diet. This is his tome on this popular (and not new) form of biohacking.

Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health

Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your HealthAmazon

Another very popular approach to biohacking is to consider that you may be allergic or sensitive to foods you eat regularly and that this is what is causing illness, inflammation, exhaustion, sleeplessness, and weigh gain. To find out what foods are the culprits, you do an elimination diet. That just means that you eliminate — briefly — all foods that are likely to be allergens. Then you add them back in, one at a time, till something makes you feel bad. Bingo! Stop eating that food.

Sounds easy. But it really helps to have some guidance. What are the most likely culprits? What do you eat when you aren’t eating those?

Alejandro Junger wrote the original treatise on this, as part of his own journey from extreme illness to super healthy. He is an M.D. — a bid-deal cardiologist — and had access to state-of-the-art medical facilities for his research.

Clean Gut is his how-to on finding the food that is making you sick. I highly recommend it.

Yogi Tea - Bedtime

Yogi Tea - BedtimeAmazon

Sleep is a key element of biohacking. If you aren’t sleeping well and enough, fixing this will improve every other attempt you make at hacking yourself to improve your energy, weight loss efforts, and mood.

Bedtime tea contains relaxing passion flower, and chamomile to help you get to sleep. It gets the job done! It also tastes delicious, if you like licorice. (Not everyone does.)

There are many factors that go into routinely getting enough sleep: Light exposure, exercise, diet, micro nutrients, alcohol intake, and much more. But if you just want to jump start the process by going to sleep tonight, this is an easy place to start.

Yogi Tea - Bedtime

Yogi Tea - Bedtime

##Bulletproof Starter Kit

Bulletproof Starter KitAmazon

Coffee is the biohack most of us already use. The Bulletproof system takes coffee to the next level. This starter kit includes a low-octane coffee, grass-fed ghee, and “brain octane” oil designed to work together to optimize your brain’s response and get you operating at high-performance levels. It’s a product line developed by famed biohacker Dave Asprey. And it is part of a line of supplements and diet recommendations all designed around the idea of hacking your biology for better performance.

##Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse 2: The Brain Sensing HeadbandAmazon

Meditation is, in today’s vernacular, an extremely effective biohack. Transform yourself from a nervous wreck to calm and contemplative by sitting still for a fifteen minutes a day? It’s so much more than that, of course, but you get the idea. The problem? How to do it?

Put on the Muse headband and it will teach you. It tracks brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements and responds to what you are doing by playing sounds into the headphones. When you get it right, the birds sing. (Or something like that.) When your mind wanders, the sounds change to bring you back. Eventually, you get better at it, which you can see because it tracks your progress.

It’s surprisingly effective.

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