Change the Way You Work Forever With One Single Change

Integrate Your Calendar & Priorities, Set Smart Reminders, & Track Progress


The Details:

  • Comprehensive productivity app with an intuitive interface
  • Helps to prioritize goals and tasks for effective follow through
  • Auto re-prioritizes tasks on rescheduling
  • Integrated auto-reminders to keep you on track
  • Activity bar gives you a flash brief on pending tasks and progress
  • Works with Zapier and Google Calendar

Why You Want It: It’s incredibly easy to write out a list of tasks for the month, but scheduling them and following through is a different story. Focuster is an app designed to help you waste less valuable time, earn more money, and make faster progress toward your most important goals. It automatically adjusts task priorities on rescheduling, integrates auto reminders, lets you see pending tasks and progress at a glance.

The Deal: A lifetime subscription to Focuster used to entail a rather steep $480 price tag, but thanks to the Inverse Shop it’s currently possible to snag one at 87% off—only $59.