Snag This 24-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set at 25% Off

Includes Attachments For Practically Any Repair


The Details:

  • Industrial-grade Universal 24-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set & Repair Kit
  • Includes interchangeable screwdriver heads for practically any repair
  • Fixes to the handle magnetically to prevent misplacement
  • Handle and all attachments store in a single high-quality donkey box
  • Winner of the 2019 IF Creative Design Award

Why You Want It: Hunting for the right screwdriver often takes longer than actually fixing the problem in question. The LUXJET Universal 24-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set & Repair Kit is way around this annoyance, providing all of the interchangeable screwdriver attachments you could ever one in one centralized kit. As they fix to the handle via magnet, the attachments are less likely to get lost as well.

The Deal: You can save 25% off of the kit when you buy at the Inverse Shop at the moment—$29.99 instead of the usual $39.99 MSRP on checkout.