Save 33% Off These Super Luxurious Bluetooth Headphones

Lambskin Headband, Textile-Covered Cords, Anodized Ear Cups


The Details:

  • Sleekly styled Bluetooth headphones—top quality across the board
  • Lambskin headband & memory foam ear cup covers
  • Sleek brushed stainless steel sliders, anodized ear cups, & over-braided cords
  • Extra-wide sound stage for surround sound emulation
  • Seamlessly integrated omnidirectional mic
  • Onboard buttons for calls and track control
  • 19-hour battery life—2.5-hour charging time

Why You Want It: Quality drivers, Bluetooth connectivity, and impressive battery life aside, these phones really shine in styling and build quality. Sporting a luxurious lambskin leather headband, memory foam over the anodized ear cups, textile-braided cords, and some of the most beautiful and cleanest lines ever designed for headphones, these Vapour Grey B&O H4s are a design marvel.

The Deal: As luck would have it, you’re looking at 1/3 off the $299 retail price for a pair of these at the Inverse Shop—just $199.99 out the door.