Get 28% Off This Ultra-Slim High-Capacity Wallet

A Less Bulky Way To Carry Your Cards & Cash


The Details:

  • Billfold-level storage without the bulkiness
  • Includes 2 front quick-draw slots, a 10-card pull tab, a secret back compartment, and a cash band
  • Built of ultra-durable Saffiano canvas
  • RFID blocking design prevents criminal scanning

Why You Want It: This ultra-durable canvas wallet sports similar storing capacity to a traditional billfold, but with a significantly slimmer design. Make use of the front quick-draw slots, 10-card pull tab, secret back compartment, and cash band to keep whatever you need for the day. You’ll hardly even notice the Dash Bando is there.

The Deal: Catch 28% off this awesomely practical utility wallet today when you go to the Inverse Shop—that’s only $17.99 for a wallet that’s usually $25.