Auto Track Fitness Factors With the V21 Watch

Logs Your Stats & Reminds You At Key Points In Your Fitness Plan


The Details:

  • Complete fitness tracking watch solution
  • Logs factors including calories burned, exercise time, distance, and steps
  • Pushes you on important tasks with SMS and call reminders
  • Records time spent sleeping, an often overlooked fitness factor
  • Gives you heart rate and blood pressure information
  • Can auto-remind you to get active after a certain amount of sitting time
  • Includes Bluetooth camera functionality

Why You Want It: It can be difficult to consistently keep track of and report on your fitness activities over time. The Fitness Tracker Watch V21 accurately logs factors like calories, time spent exercising, and distances run to give you an always-available picture of your progress. It also integrates SMS and call reminders for your most important tasks, giving you a much better chance of achieving your fitness goals.

The Deal: The retail price for a Fitness Tracker Watch V21 is $80, but the Inverse Shop has a limited-time deal that lets you walk away with one for only $21.99 after 72% off.