The Best Gear for Summer Outdoor Workouts

Take your workout outside with some unbeatable gear.

Unsplash / Alexander Mils

Gyms aren’t for everyone. Some don’t live within a convenient distance to a gym. Others find discomfort in working out in a room with other people. And many of us aren’t willing to shell out $50 a month to a big gym company. Even if you belong to a gym, once the warm weather hits, you might find yourself wanting to spend more time outside and your workout is the perfect way to do that.

But exercising outside comes with challenges that indoor exercise does not. There are a lot of variables. Weather can change at the drop of a hat. Your running course may have inclines that you’re not conditioned to. There isn’t a convenient place to put your phone. And there are other people around you driving things like cars and bikes that may not be looking for you without safety precautions.

Whether you are setting new fitness goals or continuing existing habits and using the outdoors to get there, having the best gear is a key part of the process. Below you’ll find a selection of must-have gear for easing the transition of taking your work out outside.

The Best Fitness Watch Listening to Music, Tracking Your Goals and More Without Your Phone

Why We Picked It: If you, like me, are an Apple Music faithful, you don’t necessarily have a downloadable music libary to use on any MP3 device. The compatibility of the Apple Watch to play from your synced Apple Music play lists without needing to be near your phone is a huge draw so that you can go on “unplugged” runs without leaving your music behind. Tracking workout metrics is an added benefit.

The Most Comfortable Shoe You Could Possibly Run In

Why We Picked It: If you don’t currently love your sneakers, I promise you will love Allbirds. Made by certified B corp with a strong focus on environmental justice, all Allbirds are made from sustainable materials. The Wool Runner is made out of superfine merino wool that will guarantee soft feeling while also keeping your feet dry. Comfortable enough to be worn sockless.

The Lightweight Accesory That Will Keep You Visible In Changing Conditions

Why We Picked it: Unlike traditional reflective vests that rely on light hitting you the right way to be seen, the Tracer360 has its own battery-powered light system with 6 super bright solid colors and 5 multicolor flashing modes to catch the attention of even the most distracted driver. Adjustable components allow for you to wear your vest year round for the best fit imaginable and true 360 degree illumination will make you visible from all angles.

The Secure Way To Bring Your Phone on A Work Out With You

Why You Picked It: One of the toughest things about exercising outside is there is no table or exercise equipment next to you to put your phone down on while you work out. This smartphone armband with 180 degree rotation and built-in key holder allows you to use your phone, change the song or check your stats without having to fumble with taking your armband on and off throughout your workout.

The Personal Training App That Will Keep You Focused and Motivated

Why We Picked It: If exercising was easy, we would all be doing it all the time. With the help of Aaptiv’s guided workout plans, you can experience the motivating power of a Soulcycle workout anywhere you have cell reception. Choose from thousands of pre-recorded audio sessions with expert trainers so that you can stop working out aimlessly and start working out with purpose, technique and intention.

The Headphones That Won’t Snag While You Move

Why We Picked It: Running with headphones should be considered its own extreme sport. If you don’t have the right headphones for the job, you may end up with shorts in your wire from repeated snagging or from a constant exposure to your inner ear sweat. Wireless headphones change the game completely. Now listen to music, podcasts and more while you work out without worry.

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