This Charging Kit Needs to Be in Your Emergency Kit

Access Qi & Wired Charging Anywhere Via Solar Tech


The Details:

  • Keep your devices charged in emergencies with the FuelBox
  • Ultra-durably constructed to last in the toughest conditions
  • Shock-resistant and water-proof
  • Integrated flashlight with SOS setting
  • Features Qi charging along with 2 normal USB and 1 USB C outputs
  • 20,000mAh Li-polymer battery—3A output
  • Charges from the sun’s rays in 6-8 1/2 hours
  • Can also charge up via USB in 3-5 hours

Why You Want It: Most of us are already afraid enough of being without our smartphones in the town or city that we don’t even let ourselves think about the possibility of being stranded in the middle of nowhere without one. The FuelBox makes it easier to consider—and properly prepare for—such a possibility. Solar-powered, water-proof, and shock-resistant, it’s a completely self-contained charging brick with a range of wireless and wired outputs, as well as an integrated SOS light for emergencies.

The Deal: Save 14% off of the $99.95 MSRP when you shop for the FuelBox at the Inverse Shop—that’s only $85 for a complete remote charging solution that could just save your skin in a fix.