'Fortnite' Fortbyte #36 Location: Where to Use Sentinel on a Frozen Island

The first and easiest of many Fortbyte challenges.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9, released Thursday, introduced a peculiar new set of challenges called Fortbyte. These 100 tasks function like puzzle pieces on some kind of mysterious mosaic. Many of them involve earning large amounts of experience or ranking in the top 10 during matches, but one that players can quickly complete right now is #36: “Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island.”

The wording here is a bit confusing, so we’ll offer up a translation: Players have to wear the Sentinel outfit and go to a specific location on a frozen island to claim the Fortbyte.

Sentinel is one of the Tier 1 outfits available as part of the Season 9 premium battle pass. It’s the chicken robot that looks a lot like a Gundam. “Frozen island” can only mean one of two places in the far southwest of the island. Here’s a map showing exactly where to go.

The specific location for the #36 Fortbyte is on the southern edge of the western frozen island.

Epic Games

Like with most similar challenges, Fortbytes don’t appear in-game until you get close enough. Then, with an audio cue, they materialize. Once players land on the relatively small island, they should move to the southern cliff between a big chunk of ice and where the hill slopes downward.

#36 is only one in a 100-piece puzzle. 18 Fortbyte challenges were unlocked with the start of Season 9 and every day at 9 a.m. Eastern, one more should unlock. Many of the challenges already available are straightforward, requiring that people play a lot of Fortnite and rank pretty well in matches too. But there are still 82 unaccounted for that might be similar to this challenge.

Actually completing all 100 Fortbyte challenges and solving the mosaic should take more than two months. According to an in-game countdown, Season 9 ends July 23, and we won’t even know what many of these Fortbyte challenges entail until we get much closer to the finish line.

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