If You're Still Looking for a Hangover Cure That Actually Works, This Is It

This FDA-recognized formula could make debilitating hangovers a thing of the past.

According to the CDC, hangovers cost the economy over $220 billion each year — or about $1.90 per drink. That’s a staggering amount of lost productivity, not to mention physical pain. But luckily, thanks to the FDA-recognized formula found in a product called Blowfish, these numbers may soon be a thing of the past. That’s because Blowfish is the hangover cure that actually works.

After a long night of drinking, instead of suffering through yet another hangover, turn to your new favorite drinking buddy, Blowfish. Just drop the Blowfish tablets in a glass of water, wait for the fizzing to stop, and drink it down. It’s lemon-flavored with a nice “Wow. I’m not dying anymore” finish. And the reason it works is because the creators of Blowfish’s FDA-recognized formula relied on actual science instead of gimmicks.

Blowflish - The Hangover Cure That Actually Works

We all know hangovers are the worst. But here’s a breakdown of the science behind them and how Blowfish can help.

Metabolizing alcohol creates chemical byproducts that trigger inflammatory reactions, like that pounding headache that prevents you from thinking, let alone working. Impurities like those found in red wine and brown liquor heighten this reaction. But the maximum strength aspirin in Blowfish hangover cure eases the pain, and the effervescent delivery method gets it into your system twice as quickly.

Too much alcohol is also known to cause nausea. Although caffeine helps hangovers, coffee is a strong simulator of stomach acid, which can lead to big problems. While Blowfish does not directly treat nausea, pharmaceutical caffeine in an effervescent solution is much more gentle on the stomach than the standard two aspirin and a cup of joe. This means, as your headache dulls, your stomach won’t become so inflamed you’ll spend any unnecessary time praying to the porcelain gods… or defiling them. So when it comes to choosing a hangover cure, Blowfish beats coffee, hands down.

Blowflish For Hangovers - Starter Pack {20 Tablets}

Alcohol also suppresses Vasopressin. That’s a hormone that helps your kidneys functioning properly, which is important because your kidneys do important things, like keep you alive. That’s why drinking can cause your body to overproduce urine and lead to dehydration—a.k.a. pee the color of a brass candlestick. Luckily, Blowfish’s refreshing, lemony flavor delivers the H2O and hydration your body desperately needs.

When it comes to hangovers, we’ve all been there. But now, thanks to Blowfish, you don’t have to stay there. So the next time a wonderful night becomes a horrible morning, reach for the Blowfish hangover cure.

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