Take Your Summer Hosting Up a Notch With These 5 Items

Perfect for making a good impression on your guests

Sometimes the little touches make the biggest impression. Whether you’re hosting a party this summer, or simply want to celebrate the warm weather with a few friends, an innovative coffee maker, smart garden, or just the right bowls, will be sure to catch your guests’ attention, or even serve as a conversation starter. From serving coffee, tea or alcohol, these items below are perfect additions to use with your guests this summer.

1. The Duo Glass

Why We Picked It: These double walled glasses are made from hand blown glass, improving isolation and also serving as a substitute for coasters. 1 once measuring lines are integrated into the design, so that you can make sure you’re pouring the perfect drink every time. They also come with an sphere ice mold that is a perfect fits to the glass.

2. Mini Smart Garden

Why We Picked It: Whether you’re serving mint tea made from fresh mint, or using basil to add to a salad, some fresh herbs are always a welcome touch, making this mini smart garden can be a great addition cooking, and serving, a meal for your guests. This smart garden is user friendly, low maintenance, and comes with little hassle, and comes with 3 basil plants to get started.

. 3 Theo French Press

Why We Picked It: It would be hard to resist a cup of coffee served in this sleek French press. Two Italian designers designed this beautiful piece. It’s made from black stoneware and wood, and has a rare combination of being, durable, stylish and modern.

4. uKeg 128 Oz. - Copper Growler

Why We Picked It: The Growlerwerks’ copper plating gives it an old fashioned and finished look. It will keep your home-brews fresh and cold for weeks. Currently on sale for $128.98 from $257, it comes with 16 gram CO2 cartridges, a $28 value.

5. Crafted Wooden Bowl

Why We Picked It: This wooden bowl is simple but sturdy, and is sure to be complimented when you’re hosting a meal. Whether you’re serving salad, vegetables and dips, or a snack, it’s a simple bowl that will add a nice touch to the table. It’s currently on sale for $32.98 from $48.00.

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