The Best Camping Gear to Get Right Now

Camping Season Is Here. Are You Ready?


It’s warm enough for those of us who aren’t die-hard campers to venture out into the woods. And all that fresh air guarantees you’ll be hungry and ready for a good night’s sleep. Unless you’re one of those backpackers who just eat dehydrated meals, food-prep is a big part of a camping trip. It’s worth getting a few pieces of gear to elevate your campsite cooking and sleeping quarters.

For the Camp Cook

Why We Chose It If you camp in a tent or pop-up, there’s never enough space at the campsite to set up a workable kitchen. This folding cook station has four fold-out side tables, hooks for hanging utensils, and a heat-resistant counter top for your camp stove. It weighs a little under 19 pounds and has handles for portability.

For the Camp Baker

Why We Chose It Sure, burgers taste great on a camping trip, but if you camp more than a few days you want an oven. The Coleman oven is big enough to bake a tasty breakfast of muffins or cornbread. Rack is adjustable to three heights, and the oven has a thermometer so you can bake with confidence.

S’mores for All

Extendable Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks


Why We Chose It S’mores… what else do you need to know? These skewers are made from heavy duty stainless steel with a wood handle to keep your hands from getting overheated. The rounded hand piece makes it easy to rotate your marshmallow for an even cook, and they’re good for hot dogs too.

For Sleep Comfort

Why We Chose It It’s made from rip-stop nylon that’s water resistant and can’t be punctured if you sleep on the ground. The sleeping pad’s air cells can be filled with about 15 big breaths, and they’ll stay full and supportive all night. Backpackers and hikers will love that it weighs less than a pound.

LED Camping Light

Doukey LED Camping Light Portable LED Tent Lantern 

Why We Chose It They are cute and practical for lighting the campsite or hiking trail. This portable LED lantern has settings for full brightness, half-brightness, and a SOS flashing mode. The lanterns are made of strong ABS plastic and are water resistant.

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