3 Easy to Set Up Smart Locks You Can Buy on Amazon

Because Who Wants To Waste Time Fumbling With Keys.


In the very beginning (and by that, we mean around six years ago), Smart Locks were considered the next big thing—mainly because they made you feel fancy like a hotel. Then the special features came in, like turning your lights on before sunset or tracking the house-mate who always left the air-con on high. And let’s face it: Smart Locks can really simplify your life when you are carrying that last bag of groceries inside and you just need to open the damn door.

Now the priority is on installation. Smart Locks are fantastic but we all want the smart lock with the easiest set-up. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have time to fumble for your keys, you really don’t want to waste time fumbling with the installation.

Speaking of time, here are three of the easiest smart locks to install—and they are all available on Amazon.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect - 3rd Gen Tech

This is the absolute best in the Smart Locks and the easiest retrofitting installation. We’re talking a 10-minute installation over your existing deadbolt and the only tool you need is a screwdriver and the step-by-step in the handy mobile app. The August Smart Lock Pro connects just as easily with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. From codes to geofence proximity or even simple voice recognition, it’s like having your own personal butler waiting at the door for you. Well, almost—We haven’t yet figured out a way to swing the door open in a gallant manner but we’re sure August is working on it.

And while the ‘door opening’ feature is WIP, every other smart home feature is taken care of. The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect happily works with Alexa, Siri, Google, and its own IFTTT channel. And the cherry on top: it looks pretty slick too.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century Trim

Schlage has the best reputation for sturdy and efficient Smart Locks, however, they usually aren’t the easiest to install. The Encode Touchscreen is a nice improvement on this, providing a smoother installation and set-up with your voice recognition. The Encode doesn’t require any further tech beyond your WiFi and the Amazon Key App. Like the August above, the instructions are provided through the app but unfortunately, the Schlage Encode will not retrofit over your existing Deadbolt.

Nest x Yale Lock

If you are already a fan of Smart Locks and especially the Nest Connect ecosystem, then the latest offering from Nest is right up your alley. The Nest x Yale Lock is well-designed, with very easy installation and a great app to sync with the rest of your services. However, it is not the cheapest of our choices and to be fairly honest, it really will only appeal to those who are absolute Nest converts or willing to make the change. If that’s you, then the great news is that the Nest x Yale Lock will deliver everything you want and then some.