Get a Quality Computer Science Education for $39

Instruction On Data Structures & Algorithms, Key Languages, & Program Design


The Details:

  • A complete computer science education
  • Learn essential languages like C++, Python, and Java
  • Discover fundamental algorithms and data structures
  • Study programming design
  • Becomes versed at the hardware-software nexus with Raspberry Pi
  • Delve into idea case studies from Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Why You Want It: A lot of the high-quality educational programming bundles are very specialized, focusing on certain languages, tools, and career tracks. This is a unique offering in that it aims to provide well-rounded instruction in computer science that’s more similar to what you’d find at a university. It covers all the essential topics like data structures and algorithms, key languages, and program design, but without the heavy investment that comes with going to college.

The Deal: The truth of the matter is paying the MSRP of $367 for these 8 extensive courses is mind-bogglingly cheap compared to more formal options—the $39 sticker price on this bundle at the Inverse Shop right now after 89% off is downright crazy.

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