Easy-Edit PDF Text & Images With This MacOS Reader—58% Off

Makes Notes, Add Hyperlinks, Swap Images


The Details:

  • Makes PDFs super easy to edit, including images and text
  • Bookmark and Search functions for easy navigation
  • Make notes via a variety of preset options or freehand
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Convert PDF text and images to other popular formats, and vice-versa
  • Format for standard or booklet printing

Why You Want It: PDFs are tidy and pretty, but they’re also famous for being relatively impenetrable when it comes to editing. This is a PDF software made for MacOS specifically designed to treat the issue, allowing users to easily edit the text and images in any PDF. Working with these files on PDF Reader Pro is simply a whole lot easier.

The Deal: This is generally a $59.99 program, but if you’re looking for a much better alternative to other PDF readers, you can actually get 58% off the MSRP on the Inverse Shop right now—that’s just $24.99.