The Ultimate Home Security Bundle

Companion App, 25-Foot Motion Detection, Multi-Point Coverage, HD Wide-Angle Camera


The Details:

  • Complete quick-install home security system
  • Hub relays sensor activity via smartphone and alarms when triggered
  • Includes one sensor for entryways, plus two more for doors or windows
  • Also includes one 25’-range motion sensor
  • Plus an HD wide-angle camera designed for 24/7 recording
  • Integrated professional monitoring starting at $19.99 per month

Why You Want It: The Exclusive Scout Security Bundle With Camera is perfect for those who’ve always wanted a complete home security solution without the hassle and cost of conventional systems. It offers the same core functionality as more traditional solutions, but works through easy-to-install sensors and smartphone control, minimizing headache while providing an effective line of defense against intruders. The HD cam works for night and day viewing and recording, sporting a 115-degree lens for max coverage.

The Deal: Right now The Inverse Shop is offering 10% off the usual $399 MSRP—$359. This might seem expensive at first glance, but it’s nothing compared to the costs of more conventional home security solutions. Check out the deal here.