Get This FDA-Approved Hangover Medicine for 20% Off

A fast-acting remedy for hangovers that actually works


The Details:

Why You Want It: Hair of the dog, lots of water, greasy foods—all of these supposed hangover cures only go so far. Blowfish is an FDA-approved solution that’s been developed specifically to combat the symptoms associated with hangovers. It comes in the form of refreshing lemon effervescent tablets, and lets you get on with your day instead of wallowing in misery.

The Deal: 20 doses will generally cost you $25, but head to The Inverse Shop and you’ll find the same amount on 20% discount for $19.99. If you enjoy a night out—and who doesn’t—it’s better to have your remedies lined up beforehand than try to deal with it once your head is full of cotton. Check out Blowfish here.

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