Nomatic Is the Most Versatile Backpack Around

For every travel scenario you can think of 

If you’ve ever struggled to find a backpack that has the right amount of compartments to keep yourself organized, and also doesn’t look bulky, dorky, and is the ideal size for travel, then Nomatic might be the perfect option. The first thing you’ll notice about the Nomatic backpack is the sleek design. It looks unassuming.

There are two main types of the Nomatic backpack, the Backpack and the Travel Pack. They are pretty much identical on the outside, but are organized differently on the inside. The backpack comes with a removable panel for your laptop and other electronics, while the travel pack has a mesh divider, which is more ideal for shoes and clothes.

The great thing about this backpack is that it’s flexible in terms of how much stuff you can put in it, while maintaining a minimal appearance, and not looking bulky. This is perfect if you fly a lot and are looking for a carry on bag that will fit the luggage size requirements. The backpack extends from 20L to 24L, and can fit a 15” laptop, while the travel pack will extend from 20L to 30L. Both of them have a feature where you can tuck in the straps, again, ideal for travel and minimizing size.

Another feature that makes the travel pack adaptable for pretty much any scenario is that it comes with a roller bag sleeve, so that you can slide the bag onto the handle of your suitcase. No more awkwardly juggling your bag on the handlebars of your suitcase and having it awkwardly fall off every five minutes. The backpacks are made from waterproof materials, and come with hidden pockets, and safe places to store important documents, in addition to a retractable key latch.

According to their website, the company raised $2.9 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indigogo to make these bags. The backpack costs $239.99 while the travel pack costs $249.99.

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