The Top 5 Mattress-in-a Box Brands Compared

All of these brands boast convenient delivery options, but which one is right for you?

If you can’t remember the exact year you bought your current bed—if you were proactive enough to have actually purchased your mattress new and not inherited it—it’s pretty much a 100% chance that you need a new bed. You might think that the aches and pains you wake up with every morning are normal and regular, but they absolutely are not. You can raise your quality of life ten-fold with just the simple introduction of a new mattress.

With a new mattress, you’ll probably like your partner more because you won’t have to push them away from you mid-sleep because you’ve both gotten sucked into the low point of the bed. With a new mattress, you may find yourself actually getting a good night’s sleep. With a new mattress, you might actually find yourself well rested for the first time in years—can you even recall that feeling? With a new mattress, you may find yourself in a better mood in the morning and what can’t you accomplish with a good mood?

Below are the the top mattress in a box brands and what each one specifically has to offer you so that you can harness the sleep quality you deserve.

LaylaSleep Copper Infused Mattress

What Makes It Special: If you don’t know whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress, Layla is perfect for you. All mattress have a soft side and a firm side for you to play with what works for you. Infused ThermoGel in the cover rises with the temperature of your body so that you can have a night’s sleep without waking up in a pool of your own sweat. The secret ingredient is copper. Copper lends unmatched structural support, antimicrobial properities and keeps you from getting hot. Try it risk free for 120 nights, if you don’t love it, you will receive all your money back. Buy a LaylaSleep Mattress now for $100 off and a free pillow.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

What Makes It Special: With a lifetime guarantee and a risk-free 365 night trial included with the purchase of every mattress, if you don’t love your Nectar mattress, it’s no skin-off your back and if you do love it, you’re covered for life. Perfect for all bed types—and even the floor—all Nectar mattress have a top layer of quilted memory foam and Tencel fabric to stimulate airflow between you and the mattress and wick away any unwanted heat or moisture. Provides the provide support for any sleeping position as the memory foam contours to your body’s ever curve. For a limited time, Nectar Mattresses are $125 off and come with 2 free pillows.

Puffy Mattress

What Makes It Special: The first in the mattress market to consider your hygenic needs in an innovative way, Puffy’s mattress cover has a zipper so that you are able to machine wash it. Puffy is also a mattress company unlike any other in that they donate mattresses to children in need. Puffy ships right to your door with Fedex at no extra charge. Puffy adapts to every sleep type imaginable so that you can sleep in any position and still find your spine supported. For a limited time, get $200 off.

Helix Mattress

What Makes It Special: Helix doesn’t just offer a single mattress. With their specialized sleep quiz, you can find a mattress that works for you and choose from 9 options based off of your specific needs. Each mattress offers a different feel with the Helix Dual options offering split-options if you and your partner have different preferences. Try it risk free with the 100 night sleep trial and sleep easy with the 10-year warranty. For a limited time, save $75 on all standard Helix Mattress options.

Muse Sleep Mattress

What Makes It Special: Much like Puffy’s mattresses, Muse has included a washable cooling cover so that you are never stuck with dust mites and other hazardous mattress germs. Featuring woven fabric and tempertaure regulating gel foam to keep you cool through your whole night’s sleep, your mattress will absorb the ambient temperature of the room while also offering isolated motion transfer, body contouring and pressure relief. Unlike many mattress-in-a-box brands, Muse offers Soft, Medium and Firm support options.

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