Get One of the Best Home Surveillance Cameras for 25% Off

1080p, Full App Control, 2-Way Voice Comms, Motion Detection, Night-Vision


The Details:

  • WiFi-enabled home surveillance camera
  • 1080p live-feed and still-capture capabilities
  • Monitor anywhere over smartphone or computer app
  • Built-in 2-way voice communication
  • Advanced motion detection with integrated notifications
  • Night-vision enabled

Why You Want It: You may want to keep an eye on a pet while you’re at the office, monitor the entrance to a shed filled with valuable equipment, or keep a bit more in contact with the kids and their babysitter. Whatever your reasons for home surveillance, the LizaTech 1080p WiFi Battery IP Camera offers app control, 2-way communication, cloud-linked recording, and other features that usually only come on cameras with a much higher price tag.

The Deal: The LizaTech is usually $199.99. Click over to The Inverse Shop, however, and you’ll notice a significant 25% off, bringing the total to just $149.99 for one of the best home surveillance cameras at a very palatable price.