Get 54% Off This Cute Waterproof Hoodie for Your Pooch

Protect Their Body, Head, & Ears From The Rain


The Details:

  • Clear, completely waterproof hoodie for your dog
  • Protects your pooch’s head and ears, unlike most other options
  • Fits a 10 to 80 lb. dog depending on hoodie size selected

Why You Want It: Chances if you own a dog, you know that wet dog smell. Unless you’re one of the few out there who has a nose for it, your best line of defense is a good dog coat or blanket. That said, a lot of what’s out there on the market is either not truly waterproof, or doesn’t cover Fido completely. This is an affordable option that ticks all the right boxes.

The Deal: This hoodie is currently 54% off the $39.99 MSRP right now at The Inverse Shop, bringing the total to a very reasonable $19 out the door. Check out the hoodie here.