This App Uses Music to Help You Laser Focus

Science-Backed Curation, Game-Like User Experience


The Details:

  • Music therapy app with an intuitive, game-like feel
  • Pro-curated tracks from top therapists and producers
  • Increases mindfulness in times of stress
  • Gets you in a flow for productivity

Why You Want It: Have you ever noticed that certain types of music make you feel peaceful, contented, or productive, while others are particularly distracting, or make you especially emotional? is a music therapy app that chooses science-backed music for mindfulness, making that task you need to get done or that zen state you want to reach more achievable.

The Deal: If cost is your concern, now’s a great time pick up this app. The Lifetime Subscription runs only $39.99 instead of the $299.95 MSRP right now after 86% off on The Inverse Shop. If you’d prefer to try it out for a year, you’re looking at 66% off $59.99 for $19.99 out the door.