Live Out Your Dreams of Grilling in Leather With These 5 Products

And look like a total bad ass while you do.

Andrés Nieto Porras from Palma de Mallorca, España, Wikimedia Commons

There isn’t much that can make grilling more bad-ass than it already is—that is, until you do it decked out in leather with leather accessories for all your tools. Honestly, is there any better way to grill in style?

You can make all your leather-bound grilling fantasies come true with the following awesome products.

1. Leather Apron “Montana” Black

It may be hot, but you'll also LOOK hot, so that's a great trade-off.

Grills 'n' Ovens

Made of full-grain buffalo leather (which happens to be the most expensive part of its skin) and made in The Netherlands, you’ll want to snag this fashionable leather apron for yourself asap. You don’t have to worry about them discoloring or staining, and they’re easy to clean.

2. Leather Grill Gloves

Now that's grilling in style.

Grills 'n' Ovens

Gone are the days of using cloth oven mitts that stain easily and, frankly, that don’t protect our hands from the heat well enough. You’ll be able to protect your hands against burns or splashing oils and fats while also look fly as hell.

3. Handmade Leather Knife Roll “Utah” Rust

Knives deserve to be protected in chic leather.

Grills 'n' Ovens

Your knives are expensive and deserve some extra love and attention—such as placing them lovingly in a leather holder. Culinary students, chefs, and amateur grill artists alike will love this nifty tool.

4. Kids Apron

Your kids deserve to grill in style, too!

Grills 'n' Ovens

Why do adults get to have all the fun? Well, now your kids can also grill in style alongside you with their own leather aprons! The best part is that the aprons are able to adjust in size so they can literally grow up as your child does, seeing them into adulthood and as their grilling skills improve.

5. Bottle Holster

So you never lose your drink while grilling.

Grills 'n' Ovens

What could be more bad-ass than grilling while decked out in leather? Doing so with a leather holster on your belt so you can hold your drink nearby. Whether your grilling drink of choice is a chilly beer, cold water, or maybe a refreshing lemonade, you’ll love this fun accessory.