'Dark Phoenix' Spoilers: Jean Grey Maybe Killing Magneto in New Trailer

The current cinematic X-Men will take their final bow in Dark Phoenix, and the film isn’t afraid to show that it’s the end. A new trailer for the next and last X-Men film from 21st Century Fox shows Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) use her gnarly powers to off Magneto with his own helmet.

On Wednesday, Disney/Fox released the last trailer for Dark Phoenix, the upcoming X-Men movie based on Chris Claremont’s legendary storyline about Jean Grey awakening to cosmic superpowers beyond her comprehension.

The new trailer is a significant step above the last two, with a greater variety in tone and revealing more of the actual story. The previous two teasers, on the other hand, pretty much failed to inspire any excitement as they were more humdrum in tone and rhythm than even a typical action movie.

In the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix, the X-Men are asked by NASA to rescue astronauts lost in space. (As Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, quips, “We’re doing space missions now. Cool.”)

Upon completion of the rescue, Jean Grey is inundated with a strange cosmic energy that curses her with uncontrollable power. Meanwhile, an alien shapeshifter (played by Jessica Chastain) mentors Jean Grey to handle her new powers, but the shapeshifter definitely can’t be trusted.

Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) fears Jean Grey will “kill us all.” And she just might! One shot of the trailer shows Jean Grey crushing Magneto (Michael Fassbender) with his own helmet. This was previously teased in other trailers, but this time, the footage continues to show Jean telekinetically ripping apart the helmet into shards and stabbing Magneto with them. It’s pretty hardcore.


20th Century Fox

The film is primarily inspired by Claremont’s “Dark Phoenix Saga,” an iconic X-Men storyline where Jean Grey becomes the host of the Phoenix Force, an ancient and powerful alien spirit that turns Jean Grey into a violent avatar of destruction. While the films have touched upon the Phoenix before (both in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse), Dark Phoenix is a more complete adaptation of the storyline.

Dark Phoenix is set to be both the last X-Men film by Fox, going back to a 20-year-old franchise starting with X-Men (2000), and the first released by Disney thanks to a multi-billion dollar acquisition of Rupert Murdoch’s film and TV empire.

After Dark Phoenix, the X-Men are expected to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, itself reaching a sort of conclusion this very month in Avengers: Endgame. It is unknown what shape the X-Men will take in the MCU, but for what it’s worth, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reviewed the script for Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix will be released in theaters on June 7.

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