This Mattress Has a Machine Washable Cover

It's honestly wild that no one thought of this sooner. 

So you’re here because you need a new mattress. So many of us do. Getting a mattress used to just mean going to the Sleepy’s store on your small town’s interstate, but if you were lucky, you may have received one secondhand from a friend, roommate or relative. But now, there seems to be a million mattress-in-a-box options and they are not all created equally.

How do you navigate getting a new mattress when your main concern is making sure it can fit through your doors and be delivered without an exorbiant extra fee? It seems like all mattress-in-a-box options guarantee that, so what sets each of them apart?

Let’s talk about Puffy. In 2017, Puffy appeared on The Ellen Show and everyone in the audience received what was promised to be their new favorite mattress. Fast forward to 2019 and Puffy has been ranked as best mattress of its class.

Unlike much of the competition and traditional mattress models, Puffy is guaranteed to provide the best support for all sleep styles. So if your partner prefers to sleep on their belly while you are a staunch back and side sleeper, you should rest assured that you are both receiving excellent spine alignment support. Further setting itself apart from traditonal mattress models, Puffy ships free with Fedex in a conveniently sized box for navigating small door frames, narrow staircases and other spaces where getting traditional mattresses might be a challenge.

But what really sets Puffy away from all of the competition is its included stain resistant and machine washable cover. All Puffy mattresses come with a removable Zip-N-Wash cover that makes seasonal deep cleaning, spot cleaning and wiping up possible spills easier than ever. They’re made out of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 CERTIFIED Fabric, which means all fabric used in production has been carefully vetted and sourced from premium providers to guarantee there are no traces of chemical compounds that may be harmful to your health.

What this means is there is no PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) or PFOA (perfluoroctanoic acid), does not contain any chemicals listed on Proposition 65, any REACH listed chemicals (Substances of Very High Concern), formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, bishphenol BPA, or dioxin, PBDEs or other Halogenated Flame Retardants and is low in volatile organic compounds and fully PVC free. This makes Puffy one of, if not the only, healthy mattress on the market.

If you need any more reason to choose Puffy as your next mattress, keep in mind that Puffy Mattresses used ClimateComfort™ technology to regulate the temperature of your mattress while you sleep so that you are never waking up in a pool of your—or worse, your partner’s—sweat. Though Puffy does not have spring coils like many mattresses, Puffy’s Cooling Cloud & Firm Core Support foam will conform to every one of your body’s curves for the utmost comfort.

The cherry on top is that Puffy is a company with a conscience. In addition to selling and guaranteeing you the best mattress—and if you don’t love it within your first 101 nights, you can return it for a 100% refund—Puffy makes it its mission to donate mattresses to children in need because every child deserves a comfy bed to sleep on.

So go ahead, we all deserve to sleep comfortably and you are no different.

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