Save 22% Off This Beautiful Hand-Forged Knife Set

Damascus Steel, Wood Scale Handles, Top Construction


The Details:

  • Made of Damascus steel for hardness
  • Welded, forged and hammered hundreds of times over
  • Beautiful wood scale handles
  • Comes with 7.5”, 6”, and 4.5” knives
  • Set suitable for practically any culinary knife task

Why You Want It Like fine leather goods, well-made knives can last a lifetime. The quality of the steel and handle material, as well as how they’re put together make a huge difference in the way a knife feels, cuts, and handles, and these Damascus Steel numbers are some of the best. If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable, practical set, look no further.

The Deal: Usually $89, you can snag this set right now at The Inverse Shop for just $69 after 22% off today. Your kitchen will thank you.