Here's the First Teaser for 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah'

He's here, he's stylish, and he's acknowledging that Jon Stewart's shadow looms large.

The first teaser for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah has dropped. The very words The Daily Show With… followed by any name other than Jon Stewart sounds odd. But Noah isn’t dancing around the issue. He’s addressing it head-on.

The music and his fashion-forward suit indicate that Noah’s Daily Show will be more stylish than Stewart’s. And like John Oliver, his non-American perspective might be just what we need to take a step back and realize how absurd we are.

The fact that he was an interracial baby born in South Africa during Apartheid lends him a unique perspective on divided cultures — which may also give us some much needed looks at our own increasingly divided culture. In a recent interview, he said:

A lot of the challenges we face are so similar. South Africa and America are both struggling with race and race relations and how to address the injustices of the past. We’re still trying to find ways to establish equality between men and women—in terms of the pay gaps and how society perceives us. There are conversations I have in America where I go, ‘This is exactly like being back home.’

So although we mourn Stewart’s departure and Noah has some very large shoes to fill, bring on Noah’s reign.