Smart Pet Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Being a pet in the future has never been cooler.

These days, everything is automated, and that’s a good thing. You can automate your house and control much of it remotely from an app, so why should your petcare be any different? If you’ve ever thought to yourself during the day or while you’re on vacation, “I wonder what Loki is doing right now,” now you can know with the convenience of smart check-in cameras. If you’ve worried that your cat is bored when you’re not around, there’s a solution for that.

On this list, you’ll find 11 smart pet products that’ll leave you questioning why you didn’t own them sooner. Ranging from training collars to water fountains, something called a “PetBot” (yup), and more, your pet’s quality of life will soon be enriched without you having to re-adjust your schedule at all.

The Pet Robot That Basically Nannies Your Dog or Cat

Why We Picked It: As much as you’d like to never have to leave your pet, that’s not feasible. Stop worrying about your pet when you’re gone with the Felix & Fido PetBot. Now when you’re out of the house, you can video chat with their your pet, capture photos and videos, dispense treats, watch them play with the laser toy, and even drive around the house from anywhere you have Internet connection.

The Secure Pet Door That Senses When Your Pet Wants To Come In

Why We Picked It: If a raccoon, stray cat, or neighbor pet has ever come in through your doggie door, you’ve probably been discouraged from using it. With this high tech electronic pet door, you can select from four access options from In Only, Out Only, Full Access, or Closed and Locked. This way, you can rest assured that your pet is where they are supposed to be at all times. The automatic deadbolt makes it safer than competing pet doors, while also providing wind and weather resistance with an airtight seal.

The Flashlight That Connects To Your Dog’s Leash

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever twisted your ankle or struggled to find where your dog pooped while you’re on a walk after dark, you already know that you would benefit from a flashlight. Now it’s easier than ever to use one, because this flashlight clips right to your leash handle and allows you to hold it comfortably.

The Treat Dispenser With A Barking Sensor

Why We Picked It: Training your dog can be a full time job and you already have one of those, so you can’t always be there to correct your pooch. With Furbo’s HD night vision and the companion app, you can check on your pet from anywhere at any time of day and with two-way chat, you can even calm your pet with the sound of your voice. When they respond to your commands, you can even launch them a treat.

The Rotating Pet Laser That Keeps Your Cat Busy For You

Why We Picked It: Sometimes cats have more energy than us, or that energy sincerely needs to be redirected during crucial moments. If you’ve ever had a cat try to lay on the newspaper you’re reading, I’m certain you will benefit from this amazing hands-free rotating laser toy. Simply turn it on and the dual lasers will rotate a full 360 degrees to play with your cat.

The Litter Box That Does The Hard Work For You

Why We Picked It: No one likes cleaning the litter box and now you don’t have to. This self-cleaning litter box uses disposable liners and crystal cat litter to reduce the frequency of litter box cleaning and guarantee less mess, odor control and leak protection. With the included health counter, you can even track the number of times your cat uses the litter box and set when the rake timer cleans.

The Collar That Aids In Training Your Dog

Why We Picked It: It’s waterproof. It works up to 800 yards away. You can train up to 3 dogs at one time and keep them on the right track without stifling their independence. With this pet training collar, you can choose among eight adjustable levels of static stimulation, which allow you to find the right fit for you and your dog.

The Water Fountain That Entices Your Pet To Drink It

Why We Picked It: Some cats are just picky, but that doesn’t mean they need water any less. With three possible water flow patterns, this 3L water fountain will circulate water for maximum oxygenation for the best tasting water your pet has ever had. Major bonus points for the adorable flower petal design.

The Pet Feeder That Protects Your Pet’s Food From Your Other Pets

Why We Picked It: Pair with Amazon Alexa and your smartphone to give your pet the utmost personalized care for their needs. Set food times, use the Petnet app to get recommended meal portions, and clean up with ease with the dishwasher safe food bowl. Now you can make sure your pet is getting fed and that your other dog (or cat) isn’t getting double meals with this selective pet feeder.

The Fine Tooth Comb That Will Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthier Than Ever

Why We Picked It: Smart doesn’t always mean high-tech… sometimes it just means smart. Minimize the amount of time spent vacuuming by using a lint brush and driving to the groomer with this must-have comb for maintaining your dog or cat’s undercoat.

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