9 Amazing Star Wars Day Presents

 This May the Fourth, let the force guide you to pick one of these gifts for your favorite Star Wars fan.


May the 4th is coming and with it, your chance to surprise and celebrate the Star Wars fans in your life. If you are wondering what the date in May has to do with Star Wars, you probably are not alone, but it’s pretty simple—May the fourth was chosen as a punny play on “May the force be with you.” Total dad joke, yes, but we kinda love it. Learn a little bit more about the day and its origins in the article “Who Started ‘May the Fourth’? available here:

While we love getting caught up on history, let’s move into the future with some of our favorite May the 4th merchandise available.

1. Geek Teez Star Wars May the 4th Be With You Yoda Men’s Shirt

We know people who join recreational leagues just to obtain t-shirts to add to their collection. If you care about your friends, save them from joining that bowling league and instead get them this Yoda Star Wars shirt without the weekend commitment to the lanes.

Yoda graphic, it does have. Sorry/not sorry.


2. May The 4th Be With You Neck Tie

T-shirts are sometimes not appropriate in the work place, and that is why we have this more formal option: Dazzle your open-plan office neighbors in this unique and handsome neck tie. This is a clever way to keep the fun alive even in the corporate rat race.


3. Star Wars Party Favor Play Pack

This party pack contains crayons, a sticker pack, and eight coloring pages. Give one to each of your 24 best friends, be the MVP of your work place when you leave them in the break room to be fought over by co-workers, or expose a whole new generation to the Force with these fun party packs when you send them to school with your kid.


3. Fart Wars: May The Farts Be With You

We will not apologize for adding this book. Pun fun is pun fun, and “fart wars” belongs here. We will light saber fight you over this. This book is a charming and funny read. Tap into your adolescent self or share with your favorite kid reader. Blow them away. You see what we did there, right?


4. Storm Trooper Funko Pop! Figure

We were going to try to get through the list without adding any toys, but don’t even know who we were trying to kid. The toy shaming stops here. We love this Storm Trooper Funko Pop! Vinyl figure, and it’s shipped with pop protector, keeping it safe.


5. Chewbacca Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

We thought the Storm Trooper was the favorite, but no longer thing that is true. We’ll probably just get both to be sure (and so they can duke it out on the shelf). You should probably do the same. Let’s meet back here to share our results in a couple weeks.


6. Lego Star Wars Episode VIII First Order Heavy Assualt Walker Building Kit

Now that the dam has broken, the Legos are next. We don’t care how old you are—there is nothing better than Legos. Legos + Star Wars = happy times. Get this kit.


7. LEGO Yoda Alarm Clock

There really isn’t any reason you shouldn’t start off your day with Yoda. This alarm clock could make that dream reality. This clock is 9.5 inches all and has a digital clock display. It has a 2 year warranty and runs on 2 AA batteries. What more do you need to know? Wake up, you shall.


8. Star Wars Socks

We are avid sock collectors, and you can be too. There is no better place to start than with these black ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ ankle socks. Starbursts give you the illusion that you are moving fast through the universe.


9. Milennium Falcon Lego Set

We thought we were done, but this 7,541 piece set is calling to us. It’s saying, try me. Don’t share with any of the kids in your house. This includes four classic crew minifigures—Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO. We need it.

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