Essential Grill Tools and Appliances for Cooking Outdoors in Spring and Sum

For camping and barbecues, outdoor cooking shouldn't come with a sacrifice in quality, flavor or ease.

I don’t know about you but as soon as the temperature breaks 60 degrees and the sun starts to set a minute later, I’m dying to eat outside. There is something so special about eating underneath a setting sun after a long winter of eating under artificial lighting and 4pm sunsets. So because of this element of my nature, I’m always trying to convince friends to come over for a barbecue or enjoy a spring picnic in a park off the beaten path.

Whether you share my urgency to get outside or not, I think we can all agree the barbecues are some of the best ways to get together with friends and family without all the stuffiness of a formal dinner party. And once you see how easy it is to cook outside for a crowd, I can assure you that you’ll be all the more eager to elevate your steaks, burgers and veggies for a quiet night of cooking for yourself.

Here, you’ll find the best in portable grilling and outdoor cooking so that you can make the most of the good weather this spring and summer.

The Heavy Duty Frying Pan Light Enough To Take Anywhere

Why We Picked It: You don’t need a grill to grill anymore. This frying pan works great right over the fire or on your stovetop for professional quality grill marks, searing and browning alike. Made with 170 years of de Buyer experience, the pure iron construction makes it sturdy enough to travel with and great for high temperature cooking.

The Tabletop Grill You Can Store and Travel With Ease

Why We Picked It: Some of us just don’t have the space to have a standing grill in our backyards (or balconies) all year round. For that reason and ease of portability, this easy to use propane grill is super lightweight, easy to clean and store. The domed steel hood seals in heat to make perfectly barbecued delicacies every time.

The Ultra Portable Grill You Can Actually Take Anywhere

Why We Picked It: Outdoor cooking shouldn’t come with limits as to where you can do it. If you can build a fire, you should be able to cook up a great meal and this steel constructed frame is made to help you do the job. For even the hottest campfires, this easy-to-roll up and roll out grill is perfect for any trek.

The Solar Powered Grill That Doesn’t Even Require Propane

Why We Picked It: Imagine grilling on the go, but super high tech, that’s what the Biolite FirePit is. With the included rechargable powerpack, you can cook with electricity or use wood or charcoal for a smokier flavor and use the powerpack to run a fan for consistent temperature control. Bluetooth integration allows you to keep track of the battery power and folding legs make for easy transport to any picnic or outdoor event.

The Cast Iron Press That Guarantees Photoready Grill Marks Every Time

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever cooked bacon and found it to get unevenly crispy, or if you’ve ever tried to make burgers only to find they puff up into thick and unevenly cooked barely patties, you are in need of a grill press. Made of cast iron for even heat and weight distribution, this grill press has a stay cool handle for easy handling.

The Essential Tool For Perfectly Shredded Barbecue and Salads

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever tried to hand shred meat or salads with 2 forks, you know that it can be more tedious than you’d like. Now handle your next barbecue or party with the added convenience of these innovative claws that work as extensions of your hand’s natural movements.

The Wireless Thermometer That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Cooking

Why We Picked It: Cooking on its own is a test of one’s ability to multi-task, with the Meater thermometer, it becomes infinitely easier to focus on either tasks. All it takes it places a fully-charged thermometer into your meat of choice and walking away. The Meater app will send you updates as your meat approaches the desired temperature so you can do other things—up to 33 feet away—while your meat cooks, so that you never have to open up the grill and lose all that much needed heat.

The Grill Basket That Allows You To Incorporate Some Veggies Into The Meal

Why We Picked It: Barbecues aren’t only about meat, though it often takes the center stage. Don’t forget vegetarians or your need for other forms of nutrition with this must-have grill basket for perfectly cooked fish, shrimp and all kinds of fruits and veggies.

The Cookbook With Seemingly Endless Inspiration for Your Next Cookout

Why We Picked It: Rated as one of the best outdoor cookbooks ever written, this Williams-Sonoma sponsored cookbook serves to help you disrupt the habits you’ve gotten into with your grilling. Get inspiration, hone new techniques and impress your revolving door of guests with your updated menu.

The Luxury Charcoal Grill That Will Add All New Depth To Your Outdoor Cooking

Why We Picked It: When have you ever seen a charcoal grill with storage space? For its hefty price tag, KamadoJoe delivers with this streamlined and easy to use charcoal grill. Usually left to the die-hard grillers, not all that unlike Hank Hill, charcoal is not for the light of heart. Invest in a grill that will last you for years to come while taking out all the difficulties that come with cooking with charcoal, specifically the Kontrol Tower vent for perfectly regulated temperature and the thick wall ceramic exterior for ideal insulation.

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