This Stylish Smart Watch Is Infinitely Better Than the Apple Watch

With more than $100 in savings, this smartwatch beats out the Apple Watch is style, taste and functionality. 

It feels like a decade since the Apple Watch and Fitbit came on the scene and now it seems like there’s a thousand different iterations at every price point. With that in mind, it can be extremely overwhelming and even daunting to navigate the watch—let alone smartwatch—landscape. Because of this, Apple is able to count on their brand recognition to take over where too many options are concerned.

But what if you don’t want to spend $600 on a glorified iPod Touch for your wrist? What if you don’t want to parse through a thousand options and their reviews? Allow me to make the choice easy for you.

Meet the Withings Steel HR, now available conveniently with free shipping and free returns on Huckberry. With all the specs of the beloved Apple Watch, but a more sauve shell, this smartwatch is basically a personal assistant on your wrist. You can monitor your heart rate at all times for a full holisitic understanding of your resting, active and sleeping heartrates so that you can better manage and detect changes in your health.

Complete with an activity tracker that automatically detects your movements to record a walk, run, swim or sleep, it’s like being studied without any change in your routine. Exercise differently than the aforementioned options? Choose from over 30 sport options for your convenience. But that’s not all. Convenientially montior the different stages of your sleep cycle from light sleep to deep sleep and all the REM cycles in between.

Pair with your smartphone to have all your records seamlessly integrated with your health app on IOS, Google or Android devices. Never fret about the length of your charge because a full charge has a 25 day life cycle, so this will never be another device cluttering your already busy nightstand.

Unlike the Apple Watch which is entirely digital, the Withings Steel HR takes a more subtle approach with a discreet OLED display just in the top half of the watch face. With the OLED display, you can track your steps, distance, calories burned, montior your heart rate, set and adjust alarms and receive notifications from your smartphone without having to rummage through your bag or pockets for it.

But that’s just what it does. How about how this gorgeous watch looks? By far this is where the Steel HR watch standsout compared to the all-too-sterile Apple Watch and Fitbit competitors. With a silicone band that you can swop out for a more preferential leather or other-colored band, this gorgeous watch has a chronograph built in for that more classic watch face look. The watch face is encased in mineral glass and guarantees a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Stainless steel features make this a watch that will stand up to the test of time and all the wear you will inevitably get from it.

So go on. Try this watch on for size. Perfect for wearing to work, formal events and casual drinks, I can assure you that the Withings Steel HR will quickly become your favorite everyday watch.

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