7 Products on Amazon That Can Make You Suck Less at Sleeping

For those endless nights.

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Whether you live in a city with constant noise and light pollution, are generally one to toss and turn in bed, or suffer from insomnia, a night of undisturbed sleep can often be hard to come by. Fortunately, there are a lot of products out there that can help achieve the conditions for a restful night when external circumstances are less than ideal. You’ll find a list below of products to block out light, blankets to induce a deeper state of relaxation, and products that sensor out noise.

The Blanket That Will Ease Your Anxiety

Why We Picked It: The weight of this blanket helps reduce tossing and turning while you’re in a slumber, so that you don’t just get to sleep, but sleep more deeply. The weighted beads are separated into compartments so that the weight is distributed evenly across your body. You’ll feel like the weight is gently hugging your body, helping your muscles relax and putting you at ease.

The Eye Mask That Actually Works

Why We Picked It: Light exposure is one factor that can impact your sleeping rhythms. And while it’s sometimes nearly impossible to set a room to complete darkness, an eye mask can easily do the trick. The added benefit is that it comes with cushions for your eyes, so you won’t wake up with your eyelashes smashed.

The Curtains That Will Block Out Light And Sound

Why We Picked It: If you need to sleep during the day, these blackout curtains will help you forget what time it is. Same goes for waking up after sunrise. Whether you’re trying to block out light, noise, or simply want privacy from your neighbors, these black out curtains solve all these problems in one.

The Glasses That Will Filter Out Blue Light

Why We Picked It: You’ve probably heard that putting your devices away a few hours before bed will help you get a better night’s rest. If you’re the kind of person for whom that’s just not realistic, these blue light filter glasses are your second best option. Wearing them while you scroll though your news feed will filter blue light from your screens that can interfere with your natural sleeping cycle.

The White Noise Machine That Will Soothe You To Sleep

Why We Picked It: Sometimes background noise can help you relax enough to fall asleep. With varying sound options like rain or a “summer night,” you can pick and choose the sounds you find most relaxing. There’s also a timer of up to an hour so that you won’t have to wake up to the sound of thunder.

The Ear Plugs That’ll Stay In Place

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever tried using earplugs to help you sleep, you probably know that many simply don’t stay in place or block out enough sound to be effective. Whether it’s noise from a party, your neighbors, or the street, sometimes the perfect conditions for rest are out of our hands. These ear plugs are shaped in a way that stay in place, allowing you to dose off in peace.

The Scent Famous For Relaxation

Why We Picked It: Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs. It’s surprisingly relaxing, so whether you use it in a diffuser to fill the room, or to rub it on your palms and take a few breaths, you’ll be surprised to feel a noticeable shift in your mental state. This product is one of the more affordable oils on the market for its quality.

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