Tiny Products With Flawless Design That Will Help You Live Healthier

Healthier living is possible and with these products, you don't have to do it all alone.

So you know you want to be healthier. You’ve acknowledged there’s room to improve. And even more importantly, you’ve acknowledged that you probably can’t do it all on your own. There are barriers to getting healthier. Whether your personal dragon is time, finances, pressing tasks, or a lifetime of hard-to-break habits, it’s slayable — and making the effort to be healthier is well worth it.

But sometimes you need some additional tools to get the ball rolling. Here, you’ll find a number of well-designed products with the express purpose of aiding in your healthier living practices. Lean on these products designed with your goals in mind so you can stick to them for longer than the length of a season.

The Bracelet That Pays Attention To Your Bad Habits

Why We Picked It: Perfect for compulsive skin or hair pickers, this habit bracelet will recognize when you lift your hand up to touch your face and vibrate to let you know you’re doing it. From there, you are able to make the choice to divert your hands away from your face in a way that you may not have noticed on your own.

The Kitchen Tool That Will Healthify Your Favorite Pasta Dishes

Why We Picked It: After a long day out in the world, one of the most satisfying meals is a big bowl of pasta. But as delicious as it may be, it’s not necessarily the most nutritious meal to eat on its own. Make the effortless transition to veggie pastas without sacrificing the flavor of your favorite dishes.

The Storage Containers That Will Keep You On Track

Why We Picked It: Anyone who has ever tried to take on a healthier lifestyle knows that it’s easiest to slip up when you don’t plan ahead. After a long day, most people don’t want to come home and cook — take out or frozen dinners are so easy. Meal prep can save you. Pre-portion and pre-prepare all your meals in these easy to store, pack and stack glass containers.

The Kitchen Multi-Tool That Won’t Clutter Your Counters

Why We Picked It: This adorable, fruit-centric kitchen tool isn’t just for show, although it is the cutest thing ever. It packs 10 different tools: an Apple Cutter, Avocado Scoop, Fruit Slicer, Mesh Cutter, Lemon Squeezer, Citrus Cutter, Grater, Bowl and Masher. This tiny tool will help you consume more fruits and veggies at every turn without cluttering your counters or cupboards.

The Motivational Water Bottle That Will Get You Off Soda Permanently

Why We Picked It: Drinking more water seems like the easiest task in the world, but once you try it out, it can get boring quick—especially if you are used to consuming soda and other sugary beverages when you’re thirsty. Up your water game by infusing it with your favorite fruits and turn it into a motivational game with this water bottle’s cute and encouraging markers.

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