This Innovative Nitro Can Is a Game-Changer for Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

Enjoy nitro cold brew at home or on the go with Rise Brewing Co.'s nitrogen-infused canned coffee.

Over the past few years, cold brew coffee has soared in popularity. According to Statista, cold brew sales skyrocketed by 370 percent between 2015 and 2017, jumping from $8.1 million to $38.1 million. Thankfully, this trend has more to do with science than marketing. The cold brew process releases much less acidity than traditional brewing methods and provides coffee drinkers with a sweeter, smoother beverage. Now, a company called Rise Brewing Co. is pushing the envelope even further by putting their own unique spin on the craze and providing coffee drinkers with an ingenious way to enjoy cold brew at home or on the go.

To give their cold brew coffee a naturally sweet, bold, chocolatey flavor, the brewers at Rise use organic coffee beans grown at high altitude in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley. After the cold brew process is completed, they take things to the next level by infusing their coffee with nitrogen. This extra step creates their signature flavor by perfectly complementing the coffee with a beautiful cascade and creamy head, similar to that of a Guinness stout, which provides a refreshingly smooth finish. And like Guinness, Rise uses nitro-widgets to replicate this unique taste and texture in their canned coffees so you can enjoy cold brew at home, at work, or really anywhere you please.

Previously, if you wanted to try a cup of Rise’s signature sweet and frothy cold brew coffee, you had to find a coffee bar or restaurant in New York that had it on tap. Luckily, that is no longer the case. Rise’s products are now available to purchase via the Internet in ready-to-drink cans, which is a real game-changer for cold brew coffee lovers everywhere. So take a look at some of Rise’s coffees listed below, or check out the company’s website for a full list of products, and experience their unique take on cold brew for yourself.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Original Black

For cold brew purists, the Nitro Cold Brew: Original Black is made with purified water, organic beans, and nothing else, in order to ensure its unfettered cold brew flavor. The Original Black is creamy, naturally sweet, and refreshingly smooth. It also contains as much caffeine as two cups of regular brewed coffee, or 180mg to be exact. So it will keep you going strong when nothing else will. Chill the can, pop the top, and enjoy one of the best cups of cold brew you’ll ever experience.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Oat Milk Latte

Rise’s Oat Milk Latte is a nitrogen-infused cold brew with a dash of their own specially-made oat milk. And because Rise makes their organic oat milk in-house, they are able to ensure their product has a flavor that perfectly complements their coffee. The result is a dairy-free Oat Milk Latte that’s delightfully creamy.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Variety Pack

Whether you want to sample all the flavors or simply enjoy the idea of experiencing the full flavor spectrum of Rise’s unparalleled product, the Nitro Cold Brew: Variety Pack is the way to go. They come with 12 cans and afford you the opportunity to sample six of their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee flavors. This includes Original Black, Oat Milk Latte, Classic Latte, Mocha Latte, Blood Orange, and Lemonade. It’s a great way to discover your favorite flavor or simply switch things up each day! Since Rise infuses all of its coffees with nitrogen, you’ll experience their creamy, delicious texture no matter the flavor. Additionally, each can has between 80 and 200mg of caffeine, so you’ll always get the buzz you’re looking for with the Variety Pack.

Aside from being delicious, all of the company’s cold brew coffee is organic, sustainably-sourced, non-GMO, non-dairy, and low acid. So if you’re looking to enjoy the world’s best cold brew at home or on the go, look no further. Fuel your cold brew cravings with nitrogen-infused coffee from Rise Brewing Co.

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