Tesla Model 3 Gets Range Boost Ahead of Model Y Launch: How to Download

Tesla started rolling out a software update this week for its Model 3 sedan, providing them with added battery range that enables cars to move longer distances on a single charge. The rollout comes days after CEO Elon Musk announced a series of power boosts for existing vehicles alongside the launch of the $35,000 Model 3.

The new update, version 2019.5.15, has reportedly boosted the range for a select group of vehicles. While some report that the update increased their battery’s reported distance, others claimed their vehicle showed no changes following the update. Tesla did not respond to Inverse’s request for comment ahead of publication.

The update was announced on February 28 as the first major boost for the Tesla Model 3, the company’s cheapest-ever car, since it hit the roads in July 2017. A series of new upgrades will bring the range of the 310-mile rear-wheel-drive Model 3 up to 325 mph, while also increasing the Model 3 Performance’s top speed from 155 mph to 162 mph. Overall, Tesla’s updates bring five percent boosts in peak power to all vehicles.

It’s not the first time Tesla has increased the range of existing vehicles. The company unlocked free range extensions during Hurricane Michael, enabling people to reach safety during the October 2018 storm, for vehicles that shipped with a larger battery but were limited on range through software changes. Tesla also boosted the range of the mid-range Model 3 months after its launch, from 260 miles to 264 miles.

“We do find ways over time, and have done this many times in the past, where we are able to improve the efficiency of say of the drive inverter or the motor or we get a bit more comfortable with what how much energy you can extract safely from the battery pack without causing it long term harm,” Musk said during the briefing call that announced the new vehicle and update.

Tesla Model 3 Range Boost: How to Upgrade

Getting the latest version of Tesla’s software is simple.

  • Connect your car to Wi-fi to ensure the update downloads fastest.
  • When the update is ready, you will receive a notification on either the in-car touchscreen or through the paired smartphone app.
  • Activate the update process and wait for it to finish. You will not be able to drive the car during this time. Your car will also not recharge during the update.

And that’s it! Tesla provides troubleshooting guidance in cases where the process experiences issues.