'Captain Marvel' Stan Lee Cameo: Does He Have One? A Spoiler Free Guide

It used to be that we could expect Marvel comics godfather Stan Lee to turn up in every new Marvel movie, but after his death in November 2018, that’s no longer a given. So you’re right to wonder whether Lee will make his usual cameo appearance in Captain Marvel. The short answer is yes, there’s technically two of them. Now read on for a more detailed (but still spoiler-free) breakdown of what to expect and when to expect it.

The first Stan Lee cameo in Captain Marvel comes right at the beginning. We won’t say anymore, but it’s basically the first thing you see and it’s pretty awesome. So definitely don’t show up to the theater late or duck out for popcorn during the trailers.

The second cameo comes a bit later, maybe 30 minutes into Captain Marvel during the train scene we already saw in the first trailer (the part where she punches that elderly woman). Just before that happens we get our second Stan Lee cameo, though this one isn’t quite as exciting and definitely doesn’t measure up to some of his previous movie appearances.

Not that we’re complaining. Until actually seeing the movie, we weren’t sure whether to expect a Stan Lee cameo at all. Lee was still alive when the movie was filmed, but an appearance was never confirmed. However, we do know that he’ll appear in Avengers: Endgame, which makes sense since that movie was shot at the same time as last year’s Infinity War — Lee played a bus driver in that one.

However, it turns out that won’t be the last Stan Lee cameo either. Speaking at a Captain Marvel red carpet event this week, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said there’s “an upcoming one as well.” We’re guessing that’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, which comes out this summer.

Beyond that, Marvel hasn’t even revealed what movies it has planned for what we’ve been calling Phase 4. Filming hasn’t begun yet either, which means Lee probably won’t be appearing in any of them unless he’s CGI’d in or, more likely, simply appears in an in-universe newspaper clipping or something like that.

The specifics of Lee’s contract with Marvel remain murky when it comes to these cameos. According to one report, the studio legally has to offer Lee a role in each new movie. So in that case, we probably shouldn’t expect to see him appear in future movies, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t happen either.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8.

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