Airo Collective Stealth Razor Wallet: What We Really Think

An excellent wallet for those looking to "Marie Kondo" their everyday carry. 

Maybe it’s Marie Kondo fever that drew me to the successful Indiegogo campaign by Airo Collective. Maybe it’s that I’ve been searching for the perfect slim front pocket wallet for a long time. I’ve never been a fan of the back-pocket wallet. I’ve found that some of the best wallets I’ve had claim to be slim but fall into one of two traps:

1. They are built in such a way that even without adding a card they are anything but slim. You can jam it down the front pocket of your jeans but before you even get started you lose the sleek design you hoped for.

2. The wallets that are built with the slimmest, most lightweight material wrinkle easy and look cheap and faded quickly. While you can only expect so much from a lightweight material, appearance and durability do matter.

So I tried the Airo Collective with hopes that it could avoid both of these traps. Spoiler alert: it did.

Advertised Features

  • 15x stronger than steel
  • Quick card access
  • Thin when full
  • RFID blocking protection
  • Lighter than a nickel


The wallet will eventually retail at $50 for the Stealth Razor and $85 for the Stealth Razor leather. For those interested in getting in early their Indiegogo campaign you get them for $45 and $69 respectively. As with most campaigns you can get a deep discount if you buy more than one.

Wallet Capacity

The Stealth wallet claims that it can hold eight cards and four bills. With most people this will require you to do a little spring cleaning with your previous wallet. I found it wasn’t as daunting as it seemed. While, you may carry around an assortment of cards you largely only use a few every day. The reality is that if you think you need to carry around four credit cards you probably have a massive spending problem at which point you shouldn’t be buying a new wallet.

I do, however, dispute the claim that it can hold eight cards comfortably. When I tried I got six in before the wallet lost its ability to fold on its own. If you’re okay with that aspect then it certainly holds eight but if you want that always closed position when you pull it out then less cards are helpful.

It’s worth noting that I did reach out to Airo Collective about their 8 card claim and they assured me that the finished product will be able to hold eight. What they were nice enough to send me was a prototype so there were some things not quite even with the end product. Assuming it does hold eight then that is another huge point in their favor.

The four bills they advertise is right on. More would be too much and force the wallet to stay open.

It’s Easy to Access Your Cards

The cards sit on each side of the bi-fold. Since you’re not carrying much finding the card you need isn’t a problem. The design was thoughtful as the cards come out from the side and since you’re carrying less cards you . should be able to get what you need fast.

The Slimmest Wallet I’ve Used

Best part of the wallet is that it is as slim as they say. There were times over the course of the trial that I had to double check that my wallet was still there. This might sound panic inducing but it was nice that it fit so easily in my pockets. The wallet weighs less than a nickel and so it’s easy to forget it’s there, even with a few cards and cash inside.

A Wallet That Held Up Well Under Limited Use

It should be noted that even after a week the material held up well. it looked in nearly the same condition as when I started using it. Any wallet that you use regularly is going to show a little wear and tear but the material held up well.

Stealth Razor after 7 days use

Michael Cahill

It should be noted to that the companies mission is to create a wallet that is durable and one that is made of sustainable materials. As they explained in their kickstarter FAQ:

“We embrace the cradle-to-grave philosophy of sustainability from design all the way to the end of the wallet’s life-span by using the most sustainable and ethically-made materials available, the fewest materials possible for the smallest footprint, and the strongest materials feasible to make better products that last longer. In every opportunity, we make the more sustainable choice.”

Is It Worth the Price?

If there’s a downside to this product, this is it. It’s at $50 dollars which is definitely out of the price range a lot of people like to pay for a wallet. When you consider its durability, and if you really love the idea of a wallet that is as slim as it claims to be then there’s certainly reason to justify the purchase.

Is the Stealth Razor Worth Buying?

I would recommend the Stealth Razor wallet by Airo Collective. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up space in pockets and can hold your essential cards and cash without losing its shape this is a perfect fit.

Given how long I’ve searched for a slim wallet that stays slim and holds up well over time that this wallet will get me to shell out the $50 price tag.