'Fortnite' Cannon Locations Map: Where and How to Use Them in Season 8

It's a vehicle and a weapon all in one!

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 is here, and with it comes sweeping changes to the popular free-to-play game. There’s new locations to explore and new skins to unlock, but the most exciting addition in Season 8 might be the pirate cannons scattered across the map. Here’s all the locations you can find a cannon in Fortnite and how to use them to dominate your opponents.

Fortnite cannon locations

Unsurprisingly, the pirate cannons in Fortnite Season 8 are tied to pirate-themed locations across the map. Luckily, the first batch of Fortnite challenges also has you seek out Pirate Outposts across the island, which means we already have a pretty good idea of where these cannons are located.

Head to any of these locations and look around for a cannon. They’re often located in small boats on the water, or in other strategic locations nearby.

Here’s a map of every pirate cannon location we’ve found so far in Fortnite Season 8.

fortnite cannon locations map season 8


As an extra bonus, one of the Season 8 Week 1 challenges has you visit every Pirate Outpost location on the map. So you’ve already got a very good reason to seek out these areas. Using the cannon could also make it easier to quickly travel between outposts, assuming you’re brave enough to launch yourself using one.

How Fortnite cannons work

Once you do find a cannon there’s two things you can do: shoot cannonballs are launch yourself. The first option is simple. Just walk up to the cannon, aim it, and fire. You don’t have to worry about loading cannonballs, though there is a brief cooldown period between blasts. Each cannon also has a limited amount of health, so your opponent can try to destroy it if you’re not careful.

Getting hit directly by a cannonball will deal a whopping 100 damage, which is enough to kill anyone who hasn’t been chugging Slurp Juice. However, even if you don’t get hit by the cannonball, if you’re close to the blast you’ll still take 50 damage and get knocked backwards. So keep that in mind.

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Shooting yourself out a cannon is also easy. Just follow the in-game commands to hop in. The one drawback here is that you can’t aim side-to-side once you’re inside, though you can still control how high or low the cannon is pointed. So your best bet is to work with a teammate who can aim for you.

Once you’re ready, fire the cannon to shoot yourself across the map. You can cover a lot of distance and you’ll land with a powerful thud that can deal damage and destroy structures or trees. You also can’t deploy your glider mid-launch. So once you fire the cannon all you can do is sit back and see where you land.

Good luck!

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