'Fortnite' Season 8 Teaser 4 Reveals the Most Ridiculous Character Yet

Talk about a cursed image.

The fourth and final Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 teaser image is here, and assuming each of these teasers offers a glimpse at new characters this upcoming season, we’ve now seen the most accursed and weirdest one yet.

A living banana is coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games tweeted out the cursed image on Wednesday morning, less than 24 hours before the start of the new Fortnite season. The first three teasers featured a pirate’s hook, snake, and tiger (or dragon?) face, respectively. Each also came with a poem apparently spoken by the character featured.

This fourth teaser inexplicably features a wide-eyed banana wreathed in flames, so for anyone looking for some kind of unified theme made readily apparent by these four teasers, you are not going to find it here or anywhere else on the internet. Because unless the theme is Pirates vs. Snakes vs. Tigers vs. Bananas as a volcano explodes, then there’s nothing coherent about this assortment of images.

Trying to discern any further meaning from the four-line poems attached to each teaser doesn’t really help either. It seems like each poem reflects the perspective of the image or character teased. The snake teaser, for example, includes some serpentine slurs, namely “Sssomething shimmers.”

On first glance, it might not look like a banana with eyes, but the top of its head is the crusty, almost wooden notch at the top of your average banana, and it’s clearly being peeled on both sides. It also has arms, so is this actually some kind of outfit? Or just a new Pet in Season 8? (The latter feels much more likely.)

As we predicted yesterday when the third teaser was released, all four of the sequential teasers easily combine into one larger image featuring a volcano and a skull made out of the ash.

Is the skull following up on the whole pirate theme? Or could it be an indication that Season 8 will feature an event with fire-themed monsters similar to the Cube and Ice Monsters?

If we look closely at the red background surrounding the center image, there are noticeable cracks there, so it does definitely seem like the earthquakes and huge cracks in the island will have something to do with the start of Season 8.

This feels like a very unique kind of hell.

Epic Games

To be perfectly honest, a banana as the fourth teaser is on par with the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen happen in the world of Fortnite. There’s no narrative connective tissue here and definitely no consistency in this imagery. It speaks to the broader truth about Fortnite which is that there is no story. There’s just a smattering of imagery and a constant flux of map changes and paranormal activity loosely related to the real-life seasons.

But for a free battle royale game, apparently that’s more than enough of a reason to keep playing.

Fortnite Season 8 begins tomorrow, February 28 around 4 a.m. Eastern or later.

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