'Stranger Things' Season 3 Spoilers, Plot: Star Says the Ending Is "Crazy"

We’re still months away from the Stranger Things Season 3 release date and we may not have much yet in terms of spoilers, but we are getting a few teases about what to expect as the Netflix series’ stars attend conventions and spill new details. The latest comes from Noah Schnapp (Will Byers on Stranger Things), who recently teased what fans can expect from the Season 3 ending.

Light spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3 below.

Speaking at the People Convention in Paris, Schnapp did his best to void any Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers, but still gave us some interesting news to chew on. Specifically, he pointed to the finale as his favorite episode, according to a report from Roster Con.

“There’s a lot going on. It’s crazy and your mind will be blown,” he said. “It’s a very good ending.”

Netflix released a teaser with the Season 3 episode titles in December. So we know the finale is called “The Battle of Starcourt.” That suggests its primary setting will be one of Season 3’s new locations, the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins. That mall was also the focus of an earlier teaser video, which showed Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) working alongside new character Robin (Maya Hawke) at an ice cream parlor called Scoops Ahoy.

What's going on at Starcourt Mall in 'Stranger Things' Season 3?


However, they won’t be the only ones at Starcourt. While Schnapp didn’t reveal any spoilers about the mall at People Convention, he did share a story about filming there. He, Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) had fun sliding on the escalators, though (presumably) production put up a barrier and then had a someone stop them.

That certainly suggests the kids spent a decent amount of time filming at the mall, though we still don’t know what other storylines could play out at this new Stranger Things Season 3 location.

We can at least speculate that they’ll be there for the finale, between the title and Schnapp’s comment that “there’s a lot going on.” Will everyone and everything converge at the mall at the end of the season?

This isn’t the first time the cast has singled out the Season 3 finale. “The last episode, remember on the balcony thing and we were doing stuff with the colors,” McLaughlin said during an interview with Collider. Whether or not that will take place at the mall has yet to be determined.

Stranger Things Season 3 will be released on July 4, 2019 on Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 are already streaming.

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